Monday, July 14, 2008

Leaving Sodom and Gomorrah

I hope you readers and other hangers on like blue. I needed a change. I've only changed my pants with this blue. Eventually I plan on changing my entire outfit. Maybe I'll wear something daring enough to be dry clean only instead of the usual, "I'm preparing for my kids to throw food and mud on me" templates.

Or maybe not. I'm still potty training.


Tomorrow Justin and I pack up the hoard and drive to a more in the middle of nowhere place than we already live for some sort of vacation.

We are going to dig in the dirt. Woohoo! Why go to Disneyland when there are thousands of acres of dirt just waiting to be dug into? They don't let you dig in the dirt at Disneyland. They don't even let you splash water on the Pirates of the Carribean ride. We want to cover ourselves in twelve layers of dust. We want to breathe it and eat it and spread it all over our tent. We want to be the dust. BE THE DUST!

We're going rockhounding and opal mining. Manicures be damned. Mouse ears be damned.

We'll be home in a few days. Gert winnah announced then.


  1. I won din't I? I knew it! I won!

  2. I think your not alone when it comes to this blue thing. Did you notice that the female indy car drivers tend to drive blue cars. When my wife gets something it always has to be blue,,, blue van, blue furniture, blue eyed man and sons. So yeah, i am use to blue thing and have been told that i am suppose to like it.

    Have fun camping. As written on my B-I-L's favour camping shirt that he wore for like 20 years, "It's Better in a Tent."

    Is your tent blue too? Our tent is blue come to think of it our dinning tent is blue also :))


  3. Blue is one of the colors on the Swedish flag. Who doesn't love blue? or the Swedish for that matter?

    I'm back in case you didn't notice. I missed reading your blog!

  4. I like the blue theme and I like the French maid outfit. It is cute and looks good on the model.

    Camping in a tent in the desert in the summer- I hope you went to a fairly high elevation. I think I'd miss the AC in my motorhome. As well as it's comfortable bed, the microwave, the Internet, etc. Guess I am spoiled.

  5. Jus't come trackin' in my house!

    Ya'll ain't back yet??


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