Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who peed in your Cheerios?

No one did. Pee in my cheerios that is. I have a bowl of yogurt with bran flakes which no one has peed in. The yogurt seems to be useful in counteracting my heartburn, as well as other digestive processes.

This grim face I'm wearing is the result of pee in my coffee.

I'm back from vacation by the way. Woo summer vacation...woo...whewww. School starts in eighteen days. I can unclench my hands then.

Anyway, pee in my coffee. Despite the usefulness of yogurt it's not MY pee in my coffee. I don't think it's necessarily preferable to have your own pee in your coffee, that is, if you HAD to have some pee in your coffee. Generally, any pee in coffee is unacceptable. I wanted to reiterate that I'm not all that irresponsible with the placement of my bodily fluids.

This coffee urine belongs to my three year old, who brought me the bowl from his little training potty to show me that he had peed. He placed this bowl full of pee, on my knee, when I had my bowl of yogurty bran flakes in one hand and my fresh cup o'joe in the other...and he expected me to grow a third arm to catch the bowl when he let it go.

Pee all over the carpet, on a couch pillow and a wee splash landed in my coffee...just because it could. Murphy's law.

A nice hot cup of coffee ruined. Housewife smash!

Justin and I have discouraged our newly continent son from removing the bowl from his little potty. He's slowly learning that removing the bowl himself is an irresponsible placement of bodily fluids. After the coffee incident, I'd hoped he'd got the lesson.

But then, he pooped on the floor.

At least he didn't aim any of that in my replacement cup of coffee.


  1. Good story Becky ! Maybe you should pour a little coffe in his potty trainer thing and see how he likes it. ;o)

    Dave the Widower

  2. Believe me, that is not the first time you had pee in your coffee this last week. Remember getting coffee out of my fifth wheel?? At least you got to add your own creamer!

  3. Pee in AMHW coffee equals a hearty laugh for meeeeee!

  4. Pee in the coffee. Ah, that's gold. When I have a kid, I hope he or she doesn't pee in the bowl of my Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


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