Monday, August 18, 2008

Flopping Room


Do you hear anything?

Hmmm...I don't either.

It's quiet...BECAUSE MY KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL! This summer of having no space to even take a pee is over.

Excuse my while I do the naked floppy dance of joy.


  1. Mmmm... don't you still have one left at home?

  2. How observant you are!

    Yes, I do, however, without the other boys to play off of and compete with and steal toys from, the noise level is dramatically reduced.

    He's in his room watching Spiderman.

    Though, he did break into tears this morning because he wasn't going to school with his brother.

  3. No fair, I have to wait until Wednesday!

  4. When mine went to school, they started in September. I feel bad that they miss half the summer, sitting in a classroom. I bet I'm the only one who thinks so. August was the best month for us, for travelling, camping, doing summer things. It was the, "hot" month. I hated sending them back to school!

  5. I skipped over here all merry hearted from slicks blog---joy and summer goodness singing in my heart and what do I find?
    I've been robbed! R.O.B.B.E.D!
    How do you rate that your kids are already in school?!! Mine doesnt go back til September 3rd.
    'Course, I don't have any school shopping done yet--but thats besides the point!
    *huffs and stomps out*

    ps. i luv yer blog ;)

  6. Kat, School is early this year. Usually they wait another week so the first day of school lands right on our anniversary. That's ever so convenient.

    Meggy, I shall ship two of my three children off to you next summer. You can choose which two of the three. I will send regular packages of Kool-aid and disinfectant cleaner.

    Jill...neener., no video. Did you want to go blind? You cannot sue me if I post a video and your eyeballs burn to cinders right in your skull.

  7. Well, as a Mom you are probably happy about it but from my point of view, it means that at least twice a day my roads will be cluttered up with kids, school buses and cars and it will take a lot longer to work my way through the intersection near our home that is beside a middle school. It was quieter during the vacation time and easier to get around the neighborhood. But at least there are still the weekends.

  8. You could have us sign a release form then post the video? Right???

  9. Last time I did a naked floppy dance of joy I accidentally screwed myself.

    Now I dance three times a day.

  10. I'll take the two oldest ones. That youngest one has some frequent freakin' tantrums. And I've dealt with teenage grunge before.

  11. What drive do we load that naked floppy dance into?

    I am going to wait patiently for the video too but you dont have to tell me,,,, its going to be a long wait!



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