Monday, August 04, 2008

I do not care if you freakin' get a third degree sunburn, really I don't.

I'm having spotty internet service these last three days. This is why I'm sitting in Justin's classroom on a school computer, paying my bills, writing blog post. The school computer is a Dell, so excuse my more than usual excreted tone. When we get home I get to call my local, rural, born in a barn, ISP professional instead of one that lives across the continent, workin' on the weekend, phone jockey to complain about not being able to pay my bills at home.

I'm also escaping from my children being here at school. Oh this cabin fever! Why don't they want to go outside? Go. Play. Find lizards or bugs. Run, make mud, throw rocks at the neighbor's chocolate lab, pick your nose. Just GO OUTSIDE for more than ten minutes FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Countdown to the first day of school...two weeks.

Countdown to the return of my sanity? Relative.

One of Justin's newly graduated seniors is here, spouting off profanity like only 18 year olds can do. He's entertaining. He's a novelty. He's much more entertaining than my own children. Surely if my children were spouting off the same bullshit this young man is spouting off I wouldn't find it as entertaining. I can only conclude that this young man's mother is deep down bone tired of him. That's why he's here, in the summer, having graduated. His mother ordered him to GO OUTSIDE.


  1. I am absolutely charmed more by my children's friends than by my own teens. It's like how it's fun to do someone else's dishes at a party, but torture to clean your own kitchen. Maybe we need an exchange system.

    Mostly, we need school to start. ASAP.

  2. Hhhmm...

    There must really be nothing to do in your town.

    I mean, if a dude has already graduated and he's still hanging out at the school.

    Isn't there a law against that?

  3. I have a sunburn. A really, really BAD sunburn. I squeal when I stand up and the blood goes down into my lower extremities. FEEL SORRY FOR ME, DAMMIT.

  4. Your dont have to be outside to pick your nose. You can even do that in the car and just fling it out the window, on to other driver's windowshield.

    Nevertheless, send the kids outside to practice!

    I hope they get your connection fixed.



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