Thursday, September 04, 2008

Flushed II

I am concerned about two very important subjects this morning.

The first would be the silly people attending both the Republican and Democratic conventions, who hoot, and screech, and rip off their shirts in their zeal.

The second would be that my three year old has stopped pooping on the floor.

As for the first subject, I shouldn't complain. It's not like I've treated the candidates with much dignity thus far. I can't whine about the people who actually do attend conventions who find themselves so moved that they start babbling in tongues. If I had attended I would have had the most in common with Palin's five month old baby in that I'd be likely to sleep through all that harrumphing too. Just give me the issues and let me vote.

As for the second subject...WOOT...MY KID STOPPED POOPING ON THE FLOOR! Peeing, he'd mastered peeing. Pee landed in approved locations. Poop? He was having those irrational toddler control issues which are so normal for the age. I'm me, I'm not you, you can't tell me what to do, so I'm gonna drop a dook on the floor right next to my little training potty. If I do it right it'll be runny...muahahahahahaha.

But, since Tuesday, he's figured out that Mom is much more pleasant when she's not scraping excrement off the carpet.

And here, at the end of my post, you thought I was going to reasonably compare these two subjects, right? I don't have to. You've already done it in your own heads.



  1. "Rip off their shirts." Dare i didnt see that! Perhaps i was watching the wrong station.

    Good to hear about the training,,, oh wait,,, we dont really need to hear about it but i can see why u are happy about it.

    So Becky, can u help find my pit bull. I think she got out of the house today before i could apply her lipstick.


  2. Maybe he can poop on the floor of the Republican National Convention.


  3. Can he come to my house and teach my dog this trick? more shit on my floor and I'm gonna eat the little bitch.

  4. I already formulated a "mix".

    But I'm not so sure Palin likes anal.

  5. I saw an IKEA commercial last night that made me think of this post . . .

  6. I saw an IKEA commercial last night that made me think of this post . . .

  7. As to the politics, only two more months of it left this year. As to the other, I guess that is good.

  8. Poop may be better than some of what we heard and saw at those conventions, Becky!

  9. Good poop aim requires mad skills!

  10. Ew and Ew. Two equally stinky topics.


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