Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fruit flavored Tums

Only two months of this presidential election left! Will you be sad when it's over? I guess that depends on who wins and who loses, doesn't it?

I want to say here, in my little corner of the blogosphere, that I don't give a flying crap about Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter. Or her son(s). Or any of her kids really. I don't give a crap about them any more than I give a crap about Obama's kids or McCain's kids. I give a teeny crap about Biden's kids but only because the name "Beau Biden" is so fun to say. When you stub your toe, you can screech "Beau Biden!" and it makes sense.

When was the last time you thought about Amy Carter anyway?

I once mentioned that it has been tradition here at Casa Absentminded to eat mexican food in honor of Dubya while he delivers the State of the Union address. The more beans the better. Belching during the speech was encouraged and digestive upset aftewards expected.

With Bush moving on, at last, a new style of food must be considered and I expect that will influence my vote almost as much as the issues. The menu is just as important a factor as determining who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election by imagining which candidate had the most dignified "O" face.

Because, it's about experience people.

So, for Obama, I'm thinking deep dish pizza, with plenty of cheese and pineapple. Cheeeeeeeeezze. Though, I really don't care for pineapple on pizza. I like to keep my sweet and my savory away from each other.

And if it's McCain I'm thinking a variety of pork products soaked in beer, served along side plenty of other deep fried foods. Fried cheeeeeeeezze. Though, I don't really care for beer, but it's an alright marinade for some things. Beer, in general, is yucky.

Menu suggestions are welcome.

And, here, have a McCain.

God, was that good for you too?


  1. No way. No how. NO KELLY CLARKSON!

  2. Eeeeesh... I'm not caring for ANYTHING on the menu. Perhaps it's the cheeeeeese. Am lactose intolerant.

  3. I've never thought about politics like food. It does bring up some interesting possibilities. I guess McCain would naturally make one think of southwest style foods while Obama might be more mid-west wholesome American style foods like pot roast and garlic mashed potatoes. Is that correct with an "e" in it? I know there is no toe in potato but does it get some when it goes plural? This was one of the options listed by Spell Checker.

  4. For McCain? Definitely pho. It's some sort of Vietnamese noodle soup.

    This Wall Street Journal article reviews the Obamas' and McCains' favorite restaurants. I've been to Barack's favored Topolobampo, and he doesn't just like it because the restaurant's name also has an "obam" in it. It's high-end gourmet Mexican food with a celebrity chef, Rick Bayless. Maybe you could serve sopa azteca—the WSJ includes the recipe.

  5. Between McCain's wife and Sarah Palin, that ticket REQUIRES some type of breast meat on the menu.

    Preferably theirs.

  6. They sell frozen foods made by McCains here. In particular they supply a lot of frozen french fries. So keep that in mind if McCain wins.

    As far as food goes, my wife earned herself a new name last night,,,, Bob. Its short for Burping Onion Breath.

    These political conventions better be over soon so that the new fall programing can get start. Either that i will be toss out of the house real soon by Bob since she doesnt want me to make up any more nick names!

    Erf (yeap he is still crazy)


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