Monday, September 22, 2008

My Blue Heaven

You readers and other hangers on had better appreciate my post writing today. I had to type the whole thing and I usually type a damned sight faster than my brain thinks. Typing is much slower today because I jammed my wrist crowbarring up the impractical white lineoleum in my kitchen. Yes Mom, I took something for it.

This home improvement stuff is awesome.

I have bathroom renovation dreams. Red, gold and gold and green. Seriously, the loo will be in shades of blue. You must excuse my Boy George moment and my rhyming. My wrist hurts.

Anyhow, the bathroom should be a relaxing oasis. It should be a place where one can sit, and sigh, and grunt with both satisfaction and delight.

I had that for a while. I once renovated my toilet seat.


But, Christopher Walken just doesn't stay fresh long and eventually he had to go. Here is my bathroom as it is now:

It's...sterile. You can decide for yourself if the framed black and white photo of Jeff Goldblum displayed on my wall cabinet adds or detracts from the sterility.

When I'm done renovating my bathroom it should look something like this:

That's a framed photo of the entire Big Chill cast in case you're wondering. Can't you see yourself having a satisfying constitutional in this magical fertile fairyworld?

I sense that you can't.

Fine. I told you my wrist hurts.


  1. If/when you do remodel I hope you plan on keeping the framed Jeff Goldblum.

    It sort of makes me think that the fact that I want a framed Alec Baldwin photo in my bathroom isn't so crazy after all.

    That framed photo of the cast of Big Chill is just weird though. Freak.

    (Kidding. I hope your wrist feels better.)

  2. The dark blue would make me hurry up and get the heck out. Maybe thats a good thing when u have to share your bathroom with others, eh!

    We once rented an apartment with this wavey wallpaper on the bathroom walls and ceiling. It had purple, orange and blue waves. It made you feel dizzy just looking at it. No one could use that bathroom after having a few wiggly pops.

    Have fun renovating and take care of that wrist, get some ice on it. As far as the typing goes, you are doing pretty good using one hand ;)


  3. What the hell are wiggly pops?

  4. I want a wiggly pop.

    But what I came to say is now I have the scene where Jeff and Glenn are on the sofa and he's like, whoa, there's a big sex vibe in this house and she's giggling.

    Joy to you and me.

  5. Well it looks to me like the only thing between the current bathroom and your dream one is a quart of light and another of dark blue paint! See there how easy it could be to have your dream come true? As for decorating items for one, check my post from yesterday. One of those little bears would be perfect for you.

  6. Wiggly pops = beer

    I guess its a canuck term, eh!


  7. Remember when you were Boy George for Halloween? I gotta tell yot that your little hanger thing for your hair scrunchies looks like petrified inestines!!!


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