Friday, September 12, 2008


In writing a post yesterday, everything that came out of my little typing fingers seemed trite given the day. Keith Olbermann says what I was thinking so succinctly that I find myself suddenly attracted to the man in ways that contradict my abstinence only education.

So, I didn't post. Instead, I ate a wedge of raw cabbage while on the phone with my little sister, assuring her that my previous post about stinky doors wasn't nearly as cryptic as it looked. Cabbage is fine for one's digestion.

Today, I'm limiting my posting to Keith Olbermann and cabbage because everything that has been coming out of my little typing fingers seems trite given the weather in Texas.

If anyone wants to come over for cabbage today, you're welcome to.


  1. Thanks for posting the Olbermann link. I was thinking similar things about 9-11 myself. The concept of 9-11(TM) pretty much sums it up.

    Will there be corn beef with the cabbage?

  2. Cabbage is good for the digestion. Also good for playing Puff The Sheets. I'm sure your Husband Of The Tree Thighs loves it!

  3. Amazingly, since we've switched over to more veggies in the diet, I haven't been fluffing the sheets.

    I don't know how I'm going to salvage my reputation!

  4. Cabbage is good although I am not fond of sauerkraut. It sort of reminds me of lutefisk. His loosing 20 pounds sounds good although I'd not do well on a vegetarian diet. I'll have to click over to read your link to Keith Olbermann.


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