Monday, September 15, 2008

Thar's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza dear Liza

I have impractical white linoleum in my kitchen.

Err...Vinyl flooring. Whatever. It's white. It's generic. It's in a constant state of grunge. The edges are curling up. I hate it. White linoleum is instant failure.

So, in a fit of PMS induced housewife rage I did this to it:

I'm ridding myself of this scourge upon my floor. I don't have to get it up all at once. A little bit at a time will do.

This is concrete in which this scourge on my floor was glued directly upon. Had it been glued properly I would have just laid new flooring right on top of the old...but the vinyl has bubbles and parts that are curling up. Tearing holes in the floor feels good.

The glue is coming up easier than I had expected. I don't think whoever laid this floor even used real glue. It might be flour and water paste. If anyone wants to taste test that theory you can be my guest.

See those darker lines? Someone who was in this house before we bought it tried to patch up the vinyl by laying in a square, which also seems to be flour and water pasted. Crap gets in those gaps, and besides rhyming, looks obvious right in front of one's fridge. The damage I've done only looks slightly less obvious.

After stepping on the obvious square you might have found yourself running from a giant boulder made from the dirty socks of three boy children, cat fur infused vacuum bag contents and Velveeta.

That's a banana sticker, which I've decided to remove in the most round about way possible.

I have not decided what to replace the flooring with as of yet. Knowing my children, a layer of sawdust might suffice.


  1. Good Heavens! That looks like the crap, white-ish "linoleum" that inhabits MY kitchen floor. Hate that stuff.

  2. Nooooooooooo, i am not coming over to taste or lick your floors. Even i am not that much of a perv. Lick your feet maybe, your floors,,,,noooooo.

    Watch for sales on flooring. Ceramic tiles are really not that much more than vinyl, especially if u lay, as in instal, it yourself. Getting layed on the kitchen floor thats totally different.

    We had to instal some new flooring in my brother-in-laws house before we sold it. The room was a rather small bathroom. So we went to a flooring store and they had some end of vinyl rolls available that were about half of the regular price. So there is a possiblity if u can find flooring that u like. Good luck.

    Now that we have seen the before pic u have to post the after pic when the job is done.


  3. I don't like the vinyl squares. Regardless of how they are glued down they don't seem to stay stuck very long. Roll vinyl with no seams isn't too bad but with kids around you probably should be careful of the really soft stuff. It is too easy to tear with almost anything that drops on it. If you buy ceramic tiles, be sure to buy some extras so you have exact replacements when (notice I said when, not if) some of them get broken.

  4. Baby steps Becky, baby steps...

    Still looks like a lot of work though!

  5. At work ... we would simply place a safety cone over it. Just a suggestion. The come in different colors.


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