Monday, October 13, 2008

Dressing in layers.

Would it be considered halloween decorating if I admit that my cat has upchucked on my porch and I just want to leave it there?

It's cold!

And the upchuck is most likely frozen. It snowed Saturday morning. I hate snow. I hate Hitler and baby bunny rabbits and I hate snow.

Because it's cold I made my three year old put on a sweatshirt over his normal clothing this morning. This was a long sleeved affront to his person. He wept...and he screamed...he threatened to call CFS...and I wasn't budging. My kid is ugly and his mother dresses him funny. Warm, but funny.

He hates broccoli and baby bunny rabbits and he hates wearing clothing.

When I was in kindergarten my Mom used to make me wear this sweater with a clown on it. (Not unlike Wil Wheaton's clown sweater.) She thought it was adorable. I knew it was atrocious. It was a long sleeved pink affront to my person. How could any forward thinking sand table regular wear anything cat barfy? I had a reputation to keep intact and that knitted horror wouldn't do!

I remember throwing a big snotty fit when she tried to dress me in that sweater.

Yet, my Mom was probably showing the good sense in warm clothing that I pretend to possess today. I think she knew that I was the little girl who crawled to the top of the monkey bars in a dress so the little boys could look at my underpants.

Even in kindergarten, everyone knew I got around.

I guess I'd better put on a sweater and go clean the frozen upchuck now.

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  1. Our cat saves that for inside the house, arent we lucky. Three times last weekend. I am sending him to you.

    My youngest always complains that he is warm. In grade 2 he walked home from school in the middle of winter with shorts on. It was about 20F with over a foot of s**w on the ground. One of our neighbours offered to take up a collection to buy him some pants. Oh and he says he likes s**w but he never seems to be around to shovel the driveway.

    Didnt i tell u its much too early to talk about that 4 letter word s***



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