Thursday, October 16, 2008

I cannot believe Leanne won...

My...warn't the debate feisty!

You know how I know that this final debate was important? It was on at the same time of the final episode of season five of Project Runway and I found I'd much rather stare at McCain's and Obama's split-screened faces than collections of custom sewn clothing.

Tim Gunn, you know I love you, but dude, you had scheduling issues.

It's tempting to photoshop McCain and Obama's heads to Victoria's Secret angel models so I can get my runway fix. Joe the Plumber might appreciate such a thing. That sort of visual would ease the pinch of taxes and healthcare and negative campaigning. A vote for seamless cup construction in bras is a vote against terrorism.

Obligatory Proposition 8 mention here.

I can't wait to vote because someone's seams just ain't straight.


  1. Thanks for the links. I agree with all of them.

    Now, where are those photoshopped models?

  2. I kind of think that the term "marriage" is something that should sort of be considered as being copyrighted by religion. If a couple is "married" in the church, then they are "married." Let each church define what the couple must consist of as it is their term.

    The civil part of the union which is what states really control is another part and I see no reason why same sex persons cannot have the same benefits (and obligations) that heterosexual couples have from the state. Maybe we should stop calling unions of heterosexual couples that have had civil (non-church) "marriages" by that name, too.

  3. Thank God for TiVo. I didn't have to miss either one. (Did I just say that? I sound politically involved and really lame at the same time.)

    Yeah, yeah, marriage, abortion, terrorism, whatever. Don't you think Korto was robbed?


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