Friday, October 24, 2008

November Fresh

Only eleven more days until election day. Only thirteen more days to my 34th birthday.

The best birthday present I'm receiving this year is the removal of Dubya from the presidency. I think I'm getting a Keane CD too, but by far ending the war on errorism is the nicest thing and gets a proper handblogged thank you note. If you don't recall, or haven't been here before and so are ignorant of my more than righteous opinions, I think George Bush Jr. is a twat.

I thought he was a twat eight years ago. I thought he was a much bigger twat four years ago. I think he's an enormous drooping drooling twat today. I have many reasons to think he's a twat, none of which would be a surprise to anyone living in such times as these.

Twat is one of my favorite words and now I feel it's lost some of it's cozy warm meaning when I point it at our departing president despite how enormous he is.

As my right to vote descends upon me I'm beginning to feel as fresh and free as a sundress wearing model on a douche box.

Feel me...feels free don't it? You can sniff me too. I'm pina colada scented.

Happy voting people.


Speaking of twats, I've guest posted today over at Mental Poo.


  1. You had me at George Bush Jr. is a twat.

    Absolute genius, you are.

    I think he's a mini me of GW senior.. pissed off about his daddy's shortcomings and out to get the ones his daddy didn't...PFFFT. whatever.

    Adios, lil poopy man.

  2. congrats on being able to use twat! i love it

  3. LOL. I just read a few of your posts, good blog! I can't wait til W is out either. I wonder if the country can survive until then.

  4. Wow.

    Being mentioned in the same breath as George Bush. a twat.

    How. Noble.

  5. brill.
    i'm voting for YOU!
    W is a 'what you said'.

  6. Happy Unbirthday.

    All that drooling twat talk was getting me excited, lol

    Vote early and vote often

  7. Your use of the word twat got me thinking.
    I don't ever remember in any of the many blogs I've read ... the use of the word "prick" to describe a male sexual organ.
    It's almost always penis or cock.

    Oh wait! there it is ... just a few lines above. "prick"
    Oh ... that was me.

  8. Can anyone ask for a better b-day present than removing a twat from controlling an entire country? YAY!!!

  9. Awesome post over at mental poo!!

    I love the word twat...heh twat twat twat twat...funny.


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