Thursday, October 02, 2008

You, sir, are no Jack Kennedy.

Ohhhhhhh I wanna write about politics...

It's vice presidential debate night. No, I didn't just make that up. Biden and Palin really are going to attempt to debate today. Because of this I have a compelling urge to write a post which merges Robert's Rules with some hot political cyber lovin'.

Get out your disinfecting cleaners.

I move that you pretend that you are a 7 foot tall 96FFFF blond wearing a bikini made out of the Wall Street Journal, who is blessed with both a raging case of nymphomania and foreign policy experience. Hawt.

I also move that I pretend I'm a herculean mastiff warrior possessing a huge, long and intimidating senate committee roster and a cute little tushy. Yum yum gimme sum.

Mmmmmm, yes, seconded on all points.

The floor is open to discussion before the vote. Let's get our debate on.



I don't think I've got much talent for this anyway. Typing on about economic theory and national security with one hand isn't easy and it ends up indecipherable.

I guess I'll just end this post frustrated.


  1. Is the typing with one hand thing part of the fantasy or is your hand still hurting? If its still sore go see a doctor and dont forget to keep putting ice on it.

    What can be used to keep 96FFFF buebees from dragging on the floor? I need your help picking mine up!

    Have fun debating about the debate with Justin.


  2. LOL....stick with what you do best Becky. I damn sure aren't debating with you....

  3. A Wall Street Journal Bikini ... hmmmm ... Please pass me the top section.


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