Saturday, November 08, 2008

Darling Corey

Since it's the weekend past my birthday, I have hoards of family members descending upon Casa Absentminded. They should want to bask in the awesomeness that is me in my mid thirties. It rubs off in the most familial way.

The female version of my husband, my sister in law Corey, is here this morning. Hers and Justin's physical similarities freak me out a little bit. But, she is forgiven for looking what she looks like because she brought me ground coffee from the big city.

They feather and bleach their hairs the exact same way.

Let's interview Corey.

Becky: I'm trying to figure out how to open this interview and where to lead you.
Corey: Will you lead me astray?

Becky: Can I lead YOU astray?
Corey: That would be a neat trick.

Becky: So you know about tricks?
Corey: Yup. There are kids in the room.

Justin: There is this guy, in New York, he does these parlor tricks...
Becky: Justin, you're disrupting the flow of this interview.

Corey: OMG, is Kaelan (my 14 year old son) getting facial hair?
Kaelan: Yes...

Becky: So have you treated your ADD Corey?
Corey: How did you know about my ADD?

Becky: Did you develop ADD before or after you lived in New Jersey?
Corey: Before, but no one in New Jersey noticed.

Becky: Is that a commentary on the smallness of my town?
Corey: What does that mean?

Justin: I had this student in my class and he...
Becky: Justin, I'm not done yet!
Justin gives me a raised eyebrow...

Becky: Now I can't figure out which question I should ask next...
Corey: Why the hell don't you know what the questions are?

Because I haven't had any big city coffee yet. I think I need it on many levels.


  1. Big City Coffee is a great invention. Now if only my Starbucks stock were performing better!

  2. Shoulda shown a picture of her thighs.

  3. I love Becky and her blog, but I have my limits.

  4. I'm thinking you need some kind of journalistic award having to endure participants of this interview! ;)

  5. like Gina said, lol



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