Monday, November 24, 2008

It's lucky I don't own a dog.

I know my grumpy neighbor is hating the fact that I'm ever so delicately chucking my kitchen scraps onto the non-lawn portions of my yard. I am hoping that in the spring I will be able to plant some sort of vegetables in this white Nevada dirt of mine. The carrot peelings and tomato ends look colorful and festive.

She's of very delicate sensibilities, my neighbor. My cat can't lay under my tree in the view from her yard. My kids should not make yard noise. Don't ever bang against our shared fence or hang rugs to dry from it.

(However, she's allowed to smoke in her yard, by our shared fence, which is right near my sliding glass door, forcing me to close my windows when it's warm.)

So, I also know that my grumpy neighbor is hating the birds that my spur of the moment composting attracts, including the pair of doves that have been cooing in my backyard since yesterday.

I hope they poop on her patio set.


  1. Whaddaya mean your cat can't lay under the tree in view from her yard? Crazy lady! Doesn't she know cats do whatever the hell they want?

  2. I've seen her spray my cat with her hose, from her yard into mine. I don't care. The cat can use a little spritz from time to time.

  3. My the doves coo all night long to keep her awake and poop all over her property but not yours, on a daily basis. And when they are done with her please send them to visit my neighbour :)


  4. she sounds awful.

    be sure you dont cover all the kitchen scraps with yard waste or dirt...this way it will rot and get really good and stinky and maggoty.

    she'll love that.

  5. I'd be waiting with a garden hose to spray HER next time she sprays my cat. Bitch!

  6. Passive agressive bird pooping. I like your style.


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