Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Justin Wurst

School's out for Veteran's Day, which means my veteran husband is home and the civil war fought by my children has now resumed. I plan on staying the course.

Have you hugged a veteran today? If you can't find one I'll force my husband on you. No lingering hugs even if his thighs inspire a swelling sense of patriotism.

Justin is allowing me to scan a photo from his Army days. This was taken when he was stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany, after he'd served in Desert Storm. He and his buddies decided to barbecue german processed meat products in a quaint Bavarian wooded area. Even though Justin does not drink beer he still felt compelled to pipi in the wald.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice Justin. Peace out.

Because we have the whole day free we've invited my husband's co-worker and his wife over to eat food. Potstickers. Sadly, there will be no food on the menu with "furter" or "schnitzel" in it's name. And if anyone pees in my bushes I'm going to make them clean the head with a toothbrush.

This particular co-worker just happens to be our son's freshman English teacher.

Ever want to spend your day off from school at home with your English teacher diagramming sentences and dangling your participles? Heh, we are the most awesome parents.

We've offered my son ten dollars to hug his English teacher despite him not being a veteran and he's refused. We upped it to twenty. He still refused. We offered him a car. He told us that we, his everloving parents, "suck".

Suck is not an adjective, son, gimme twenty.


  1. wow, for twenty bucks i think i'd have given him a big sloppy kiss on the cheek ... er something!

    and Justin ... Thank you!

  2. Thank You Mr. Absentminded!

    and I totally would have done it for a twenty! the heck is wrong with yer kid?

  3. I have to say, in the name of your child ... "you suck!" But I have child-like qualities.

    However, for $20, I'd do it. I liked my high school English teacher. I had a crush on him.

    Your husband has the second-best (snickers, I said "Best") set of thighs I've seen.

    Peace Out.

  4. Too bad, I love schnitzel!

  5. Actually, i think the bush in the back of the picture needed water. Justin should learn how to pick is spots!

    And u suck for now anyways. Eventually, your son will learn that u are smart afterall.



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