Monday, December 22, 2008


This is a quick little note to say...

Merry Christmas.

And a plea to the spirit of the season...

To give me the grace to not beat my teenaged son to a pulp...

For sneakily downloading unapproved and unscanned programs to our computer...

Which has only resulted in a virus that doesn't play nice with Explorer and is wreaking intermittent havoc with Firefox. I've been cleansing away the layers of my computer for over six hours.

Yes, I have Norton's and AVG Anti-spyware.

I'm going to make egg-nog and it's way before noon.


  1. Back to shovelling shit he goes!

  2. Like that's the first time you've ever tried to wipe off a virus.

  3. It's But most of the time my comp is pretty damned sterile and I like it that way. (Except for the blackhead boobs thing. Dirty dirty.)

    I gots a keylogger on it for the kiddies. Justin and I went to the grocery store for a half hour last night and that's all it took for the ugly thing to come in on his search for free games. I see EVERYTHING anyone does on the comp.

    He knows he downloads NOTHING without our OK. He's been grounded from the computer regardless.

    The "game" put a lovely "Gay fetish porn, yum!" icon on my desktop, amongst others of a BDSM nature. It crashed Explorer, installed two damned anti-spyware anti virus programs on it which is making Norton's dry heave and makes Firefox petulent.

    This is on top of some other less than stellar behaviors this week, which required a lot of housepaint in response.

    If I can't wipe it, he pays to get it fixed.

  4. I wasn't talking about your computer.

    I guess you also just added 'gay fetish porn yum' into your searchable terms here as well.

    And now I've just doubled your chances of hits from it.

    You're welcome.

  5. Excuse my single-mindedness. I'm under duress!

    And everyone can use a little gay porn. It's fabulous.

  6. I believe that was gay FETISH porn yum!... let's us really up the ante here!

    Yay... so much fun to look forward to with the kids.

  7. Gay Porn Rocks!

    Amazing how one little search can screw you over. Bad teenage boy! Bad, bad teenage boy! You could send him to me and he could live/go to school with the serious hoodlums whom D had to consort with for 4 years through high school. They were dandy, and they could teach a boy a lesson or two ...

  8. So if he has to pay to get it fixed he will soon be asking for a raise from the HOA.

    Enjoy your Christmas. Teenager and all!



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