Monday, December 15, 2008

Fruitcakes for everyone!

Saturday my husband and I packed the kiddos in our fabulous mini-van and trudged into the big city, through ice and snow and idiots, to go Christmas shopping.

We didn't do too badly in our retail efforts. It's not like we got our hands on a Wii, but we did manage to shake hands with some people who said they saw a Wii once. It was exhilarating.

Because we intended to be righteous and faithful consumers the parking gods blessed us with parking spots right at the front of the store. Usually we just park as far away as possible to avoid soul wrenching parking disappointments and the appearance of sin. This trip providence was with us, angels sang in multitudes, and parking spots opened up before us. And we were all amazed before the Target.

Ultimately our preferred parking led to disappointment in others. Justin and I have a Christmas shopping system in that we split up, fight about who watches which kid while we are apart, and then we shop without the prying eyes of the other. It's much like practicing military maneuvers, posting status reports on our rarely used cell phones while either of us stealthily run back and forth to the van to stow our purchases away under a blanket. This is when disappointment happens. No one waits to suck up your spot when you are loading things in your van parked a mile away from the store entrance. Parking suckers only pounce when you are close and then look at you in digust while you violate the Christmas spirit by leaving your van in that divine spot and walking back into the store.

It was not the peace sign I was flashed in this season of joy.

Even more of a miracle, at the end of our day, we settled on "eatin' good in the neighborhood" and the food was actually very tasty and no one wanted to share the bathroom stall with me. Hallelujah, Guitar Hero be praised.


  1. ahh this is how christmas memories are made.
    i think.

  2. Vans are good for hidding presents in. Your blog brings back memories.

    This year I have started a new tradition. I have gone to the store and have bought a few things for myself instead of making up a christmas wish list. I bring the article home, hand it to my wife and say "wow, look what u got me for christmas." This has really cut down on her need to do as much shopping and she thinks its a great idea.

    Oh by the way, we were shopping together 2 weeks ago and she found some jewellery that she really liked which I bought when she was there. The jewellery cost enuf that after paying for it i officially said to my wife "u r done." Now all i have to do is figure out who is going to wrap the present cuz i am far from the best wrapper,,,, white boys cant wrap, eh!

    Merry Christmas

  3. Erf, we've been Christmas shopping that way for YEARS ...

    Irritates my husband. He would like to surprise me just once. Not gonna happen.

  4. And now I can say I've read the blog of a person who managed to shake hands with some people who said they saw a Wii once.

    It is exhilarating. :)

    I like your writing. Off to check it out a bit more.

  5. I have NO clue what to get my kids.

    Then again, they're 20 and 26, so I'm thinking the old stand-by joke of socks and underwear....and gift cards.


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