Friday, December 12, 2008

Got rubbers?

This is my husband's collection of rubber bouncy balls.

Quit snickering.

I put them in the sink because it was really the only high place they couldn't escape out of and you could really see how many he has. My husband's balls are usually stored in one of those large tins that used to have Christmas popcorn in them. You know that's the stuff you buy for the last people on your list when you are cranky from holiday gift shopping and just want to go home and suck down Everclear. It's styrofoam but delicious, the popcorn...not the Everclear. My husband has so many balls this tin is filled to the brim.

My three year old found this bouncy ball collection yesterday.

And now you know what I've been doing all morning long.

Quit snickering dammit.


  1. RUN, AMHW, RUN! Catch those bouncy balls!

  2. Aw, now I'm sad I didn't think to save my own childhood rubber ball collection. I couldn't pass a bank of gumball machines without wanting to drop a quarter on another ball.

    Now my son is amassing his own collection.

  3. Justin amassed those as an adult, lol.

  4. Does J use those things to toss at students that are misbehaving?

    Have fun playing with your husband's _____

    ok u have to fill in the missing word,,,, heres a hint it starts with a "B" ends with a "S" has an "A" in it, and is 5 letters long!


  5. Ha! You've found a "homemade diet plan"?

  6. I am now laughing at your husband and his balls.

  7. *snort*
    You keep your husband's balls in a tin can.

  8. I LOVE bouncy balls! My son and I have a decent size collection of all colors and sizes. There is also a nice collection in my desk drawer that I have confiscated from students over the years. What can I say, I have a "ball" fetish! :)

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