Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Psst...don't look now, but I've got p0rn on this site.

I said don't look! You're incorrigible.

Justin, my history teaching husband, is finding that he cannot read my site during the day because the all powerful school filters have determined I'm filthy.

Filthy? Me?

My site is not safe for work. It's not safe for children. It's not safe for the elderly and it's certainly not safe for anyone with heart troubles. You must be at least four feet tall to read my site. You may not read my site while on heavy medication or inebriated. You shouldn't read my site if you are pregnant, plan on getting pregnant or nursing.

My site causes dry mouth.

What I figure is that the school filters honed right in on my offer to sell you my boobs. You should not be even thinking of buying strap on polyester boobs while at school. You should be thinking on how to be a better citizen.

My site causes an inability to diagram sentences.

What's funny is that my older sister's work computer filters out every other image on my site except for the offer to buy my boobs. Not one of her coworkers have purchased any strap on boobs so the highlighting of my offer cannot be all that titillating. Maybe they already own strap on boobs and don't need any more. You can only own so many pair before it starts to look suspect.

My site causes deviancy, promiscuity and shoplifting.

Here is your warning, you readers and other hangers on. I'm bad for you. Elko County School District has deemed it so. You may very well be reading at your own risk but for goodness sake, don't sue me if small animals begin to look so very attractive.

My site causes erectile dysfunction?

Meh...I wouldn't go that far.



  1. Heh heh...you said titillating...

  2. Geeeee, thanks for the warning. Nevertheless, i think i will continue to read your blogs, at my own risk. But i am still not ordering polyester boobs cuz i prefer the real thing, lol.


  3. I just got on. What's up with that?

    BTW, look who commented on my "Mia Culpa" post recently!

  4. I am a lesbian so I have to call a moratorium on how many strap on prosthetic body parts I can own without being deemed as morally currupt as you site.
    One more thing your site causes: The urge to grin :)

  5. So that's a no on the erectile dysfunction Alyx?


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