Monday, January 19, 2009

Get Broomed

Today is garage cleaning day.

And no, that is not a euphimism for some sort of intimate personal hygiene, thank you very much.

Do you live in that gutter or do you just rent it?


  1. Our neighbour's garage looks JUST LIKE THAT, seriously. It's just stupid.

    You cannot get into or out of it. I don't know what all the crap is, but every once in a while the garage door is up and you can see that it's packed from back to front and right to the ceiling. What a disaster. I'd hate to have to wade through it all.

    I think I'd plan a "fire sale". For next week some time.

  2. That mattress looks good for a few more years... How far can you throw?

  3. Unfortunately that's not my garage. I don't own a barbecue that spectacular.

    That mattress has handles. I can throw it pretty far.

  4. And for those that are objecting to my being on my computer during garage cleaning time...I'm on a break. My husband has taken a load to the dump.

    Bonus! The dump in Bendover is FREE. Dump all you want. Just dump in approved dumping spots. Don't wantonly dump because, really, it's rude.

  5. I'll give you $50 for all of it.

  6. Wow...looking at that pic...I must say:

    That's a mighty big box you have there.

    Yep. Euphemism.

  7. I don't know anyone that doesn't like a great big box.

  8. The lawn mower comes with a BBQ attached to the top. If i had that and a beer cooler i wouldnt have to go inside and listen to "she who must be obeyed without ridicule or comment," all summer long!

    We could use a dump that doesnt charge.



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