Friday, January 30, 2009

No one pays me for being awesome.

Where in the hell is my bonus?

I did the math, which is apparently difficult for many people, and I found that 18 billion dollars will buy outright 90,000 moderately sized homes in my town.

My town's population is around 6000, so that means every person currently schlepping it in my corner of casino hell could own 15 houses each. That's 60 houses just in my family.

And all I wanted was a basement rumpus room which could be cleaned by hosing it down.

Maybe a spare house to keep my ego in.

Because, lord knows, there ain't enough places for people to stash their egos these days.


  1. That would only buy 45,000 houses around here. Perhaps, i can sell mine and move into your rumpus room.

    Although, we dont have a rumpus room we have an unfinished basement with 2 TVs and about 4 computers in it. My oldest has set up his man cave in the basement.

    Did the couch arrive? Where is the butt impression pic?


  2. I have your bonus! Guess what it is??

  3. That is some level of awesomeness. Have $1million.


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