Thursday, January 08, 2009

Watch Out!

My house has been infested... Spiderman.

Dirty little superhero, always leaving his wet superhero towels on the floor, red and blue streaks in the loo.

It's understandable that my three year old son idolizes Spiderman. I idolize Spiderman. He's got tight buns. He shoots sticky stuff from his wrists. He flings himself between buildings all willy nilly. He doesn't have a fruity cape to get in the way.

Santa Claus came to my house and crapped Spiderman all over.

There are blinking Spiderman shoes and Spiderman jammies and Spiderman slippers and a Spiderman scooter and Spiderman food storage containers and Spiderman digital time pieces and Spiderman sports equipment and a Spiderman that sings and will give table dances for extra.

When I was three it was Holly Hobbie, being that I was a girl and not a boy. I don't know what it would have been if I were a boy. Tight bunned Lou Ferrigno Hulk maybe? Anyway, I remember Holly Hobbie crapped all over the room my little sister and I shared. Green and yellow gingham bedspreads and ruffly curtains. Our cousin Debbie had pink gingham Holly Hobbie in her room. That's ok I guess. Our green Holly Hobbie matched the rest of my parents 70's avocado green home, including the guacamole fridge and stove. We must not go against the color scheme.

I wasn't crazy over Holly Hobbie. I don't recall being enamoured in that way over any cartoony character. My Mom chose Holly Hobbie for me. My three year old chooses Spiderman for himself.

It's my fault that I support his choice.

I did not have to buy the blinking Spiderman shoes. Of course, I wouldn't have if they had been out of our budget. My three year old who rarely wears shoes doesn't need 30 dollar sneakers just because they have Spiderman on them. These shoes were 8 dollars on sale. It used to be a concern of mine to buy character clothing as they'd become hand-me-downs for sure and those fads pass so fast, but since he's my last I feel more inclined to allow images of Spiderman's tight buns on everything.

It's better than the image of Lou Ferrigno Hulk and Holly Hobbie's love child all over everything.

Adorable lovechild smash!


  1. I did not play with girl-child things. I played with model horses and cowboys. Everything model horses and cowboys! I adored the mini-saddles and bridles, and putting the cowboys in the stirrups, although they had LOUSY balance.

    Once I was older, I graduated to REAL horses. Then I rode off into the sunset and didn't come home for long periods of time. Life was good!

    Christmas found big boxes with fabulous soft leather riding boots under the tree. It was the best time of my life ... right up until I had to shovel huge masses of horse crap and break ice in the winter so the horses could drink. That wasn't as much fun. But I did it, and it was all part of the experience. If I could get on a horse, I'd do it again!

  2. I dunno Gina. I grew up on the horse farm. Equine love didn't hit me. I was not hypnotized by the smell of used hay. We had heaters in the horse's water buckets.

    Ever lick the salt lick yourself? Not half bad! I ate molasses oats a time or two.

    I did write about playing king of the hill on the manure pile with my sister once. There was something about chucking rotten eggs at your friends too.

  3. Sparky's room looks like everything crapped in it. Spiderman, Strawberry Shortcake, giant green Hulk hands, Hot Wheels and Hello Kitty. It's without theme or reason.

    I've licked a salt lick a few times, but only the new ones at the store. These days I limit myself to cat food. I like the new Wholesome Goodness brand.

  4. Maybe Spiddy will be a little more than a passing fancy. My oldest proudly wears a spring jacket with spiderman in the back and gets a lot of comments, mostly from the 30 something crowd.

    I have know idea who the heck Holly Hobbie is/ was. Did she have any sisters ;)


  5. Wonderwoman gives me wood.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  6. I drafted a WonderWoman pattern to sew up, but I haven't as of yet. They keep threatening a WW movie, or are making it, or what not and I don't want to sew one up before I can get some free advertising for it.

  7. How did you talk your youngest into modeling that outfit, or did you Photoshop his head into there? I'll bet he won't like to be seen in the photo wearing that dress in a few years.

    It was so long ago that I was that age I can't remember what the things of interest were. I have a hard enough time remembering my own kids' things and they are only slightly older than you!

  8. It's a stock costume photo, from one of my costume suppliers. I'm allowed to alter them any way I like.

    Including cutting and pasting Lou Ferrigno's Hulk mouth on the poor darling.

  9. Of COURSE I licked the salt lick! I don't know why you'd even have to ask ...

    Horses were my passion. It's just how it is. I didn't even mind the smell of the apples. What DID irritate me was shovelling out a stall and them taking a freakin' leak while I was doing it. That was damned annoying.

    How did we get on this topic?


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