Thursday, February 05, 2009

Green is a vegetable.

When you are decorating birthday cake for your newly ten year old son, canned frosting, colored neon green, is a perfectly acceptable breakfast.


  1. I don't know, vegetables for breakfast? Sounds waaaay too healthy for me.

  2. But of course it is. Your son wont complain for years if u let him eat icing or cake for breakfast. I still eat cake for Breakfast.

    One of my favourite "cake for breakfast" expeniences is the time my sons came into the kitchen looking for a piece of the left over cake for lunch. It was all gone cuz i ate it for breakfast. I explained to them that "I ate it all so no one would fight over it." They still remind me of that saying every single time we have cake!

    The cake and cookie monster.

  3. That sounds perfectly fine to me. He is still young enough that he doesn't have to worry about counting calories.


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