Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey you guys! OMG just SHUT UP already!

I know when I'm not wanted!

Since school is out today, and all of my children as well as the husband is home, today has been declared "Goonies Day!" instead of "President's Day". The popcorn has been popped and the viewing will commence in moments.

I hate The Goonies.

Yes, I said it.

I HATE THE GOONIES. I hate that movie with the fiery white heat of a thousand suns. The characters talk, no whine, over each other the entire movie. Wah wah wah WAHWAH WAH WAH wah wah! Chunk? He's the kid I'd tell my kids to steal lunch money from and then splash mud puddles on.

Chunk is a entertainment attorney these days. In that light I put forth that this post and the views expressed within do not represent the views of Blogger, Go Daddy, or any other service affiliated with Absent Minded Housewife, in all it's inherently evident awesomeness.

Corey Feldman.


I would like to relay to producer Steven Spielberg that The Goonies compels a need in me to maim small animals.

Admittedly it was me that bought this DVD for my ten year old son for his birthday. I figure it's educational. I mean, the kid hasn't brought home more than ten bucks in stolen lunch money in the last few weeks. It's depleting my wine in a box fund.

Anyway, it's apparent that it's time to leave the room and therefore leave this post. Chunk's molesting a statue and Samwise Gamgee has been kissed goodbye by his mother.

It's for the safety of my cat. Save the kitties.


  1. Really? What else don't you like? Sunshine? Puppies? Puppies playing in the sunshine? People like you should be locked up in a basement with nothing more than a lifetime supply of Baby Ruth and a black and white TV!

    Hey you guys!!!!

  2. I like puppies, I like sunshine, I even like black and white TV...

    Puppies in the sunshine though, they eventually leave stinky little puppy deposits which they will attempt to eat. Puppies dribble too.

    Martha Plimpton, nuff said.

  3. i love this. seriously, i thought i was the only person around a certain age that hates this movie.

    really, i hate it with a passion.

    i've never even sat and watched it all the way through---and believe me, over the years, I've had more than my fair share of opportunities to do so. every time i try i just want to gouge my eyes out. i hate all the characters and i find the movie itself boring, irritating, and just plain hard to watch.

    god it felt good to say all that.

  4. I dont actually remember seeing this movie. After reading your blog, which continues to be so informative, i dont think that i will bother watching it now!

    We had "Family Day" here yesterday. Its a new holiday that just started last year so there arent really any traditional things to do, yet. We had waffles for brunch then everyone went their own way. I guess we avoided any arguements that way, eh!


  5. not bother even

  6. I don't know that movie. I did just buy one called, "W" though and I do plan to watch it. Sometime.

  7. You can hate Goonies. But you CAN'T hate the Truffle Shuffle! Everyone loves a good Truffle Shuffle!

  8. I hate the Truffle Shuffle.

  9. Here's something that will leave a little vomit in the back of your throat: they're planning a Goonies 2.

    Yeah. That's right.

    Something better? They want to do it with all the same actors.

    So, yeah, fat Sean Astin will be rolling up out of Middle Earth to a theatre near you in yet another sad and sloppy 80s retread.


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