Tuesday, February 03, 2009


This morning the TV is OFF. I've hidden the remote in the laundry room. No one will think of looking for it there.

The TV will remain off until 4 PM for that is when Oh-Pur is on. Oh-Pur is going to instruct me on how to realize my frugal and thrifty dreams today. It's how the other half lives don'tcha know. I'm going to watch Oh-Pur on my new pristine couch that does not smell like feet.

Until then, the TV will remain blissfully quiet. There will be no high pitched, squeaking, squeeling or stupid noises from any programming on Nickolodeon, The Cartoon Network or HGTV. No matter how much my three year old son whines I am not going to turn it to Discovery Health to watch a woman give grunting juicy birth to anyone.

I'm not turning it on to see a man give grunting juicy birth to anyone either. Fair is fair.

Apologies to Drew Carey...I love you man, but I've had one too many "come on downs" this week and it's only Tuesday. Don't worry, our love was meant to be and I'll come back.

I'm media saturated. I'm media inebriated.

Fine, I'm turning off the computer too. See if I don't.

Well, maybe I'll stream the radio....


  1. Amen to no more Spongebob! MY DS who is three said to me yesterday "Mommy! Look we have CUSTOMERS!" Geez. Too much Spongebob maybe? Can I visit YOUR house for the day so I don't have to hear this annoying yellow thing laugh today? :)

  2. You need to find a grocery store with both a Starbucks and a baby sitting place. While the older ones are in school, you leave the youngest at the baby sitting part of the store, buy a donut and then take a good book to Starbucks where you buy a mocha. Then sit, read and eat. The little guy will have fun and it will be relaxing for you. See how easy that was?


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