Monday, March 09, 2009

Guess I'll just buy a Snugglie.

I spent the bulk of the night, even with it's one less hour of sleep, dreaming that I was having monkey style acrobat sex with my second husband.

I've only been married once and I've never been divorced...

Apparently, in this dream, I was still married to my first husband in addition to this Energizer Rabbit of a second husband. Both of them seemed okay with this. I know I was okay with it.

It snowed last night and my dream kept me warm. Bonus.

Being from Utah I come by my polygamous heritage naturally. My great great great Grandpappy also enjoyed warm snowy nights. They had to do something. Even at that time Utah had "The greatest snow on Earth" but did not yet have the greatest forced air furnaces on Earth. It was practical.

Having two husbands at the same time might be practical if they got along well. You know, sharing, taking turns, engaging in plenty of home improvement activities together, installing hot tubs and such.

But then, I think about the laundry a situation like that would cause, and the lingering warm fuzzies from my dream melt away.

Unlike the snow. It's still snowing dammit.


  1. yeah the laundry situation would be totally out of control.
    and if both of your husbands are anything like my one husband, they'd be leaving their shoes all over the place. i can't begin to imagine tripping over man shoes times 2.

  2. Snugglie is a privilege.

  3. Rub the wabbit between the ears, he will be your 2nd husband forever!

    We had snow this morning too. Followed by rain and it all turned into ice for a lovely drive to work.

    Hopefully, that will be the end of the snow for this year.

    Enjoy your dreams, take pics

  4. At least each husband would only share 50% of the pain of being there.

    So, there's always that.


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