Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Little Mermaid.

Yesterday, while watching a breast cancer story on the news, my ten year old son asked how dangerous breast cancers are. Recently he's been interested in how women's bodies work, because of the age, and because his teacher is pregnant. We've talked about uterussusses and cervixsusses and how maxi pads aren't like diapers.

To answer his question, I talked about some aspects of breast cancers, lymph nodes and what not, and how those cancers can spread because of bodily geography.

Then we discussed mastectomy. I tried to relay how most women don't much care to have one or both of their breasts removed if they can help it. To illustrate how funny that may look and/or feel I told him it would be like removing one or both of his ears. It would stand out wouldn't it?

In response to this, my ever logical son, made the conclusion that women are not jellyfish. If we remove a body part from a woman those parts just don't regenerate on their own.

Well, what if we did regenerate?

Stop looking at her ears.


  1. Truthfully, I wasn't looking at her ears. Is this a burn the bra ad? If so, someone should have told her to take it off before burning it.

  2. You realize that even with jellyfish boobs, us guys would probably still risk death-by-poison-barbs just to cop a feel.

  3. Her ears DO stick out.They're kind of Vulcanish.
    Vulcanish IS TOO A WORD!

  4. What ever u say spockette ^ ^


  5. HEY Erf...do you know what the best part about being a spockette is?

    The plug...

  6. Not the pointed ears?

    Wow, i learned something on the internet today!



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