Monday, March 16, 2009

Morning Minutia XI

My son's fish jumped ship...errr jumped tank. The poor thing must have popped out in the space between the lid and the filter. She was found on the carpet this morning in full crusty rigor mortis. I thought my son would be sad but instead he's happy because now he gets a new fish.

It's March and just when I thought my family had escaped a winter cold the snot and sore throats have invaded my house. Yellow snot can be considering fancy party snot. Get out the favors and the hats.

The three year old is going through cartoon DT's. How dare I turn off the TV.

I want to mention this thing I have to do today which concerns this thing I said I'd quit mentioning because I thought that those mentioned probably wouldn't appreciate it all that much. Let's just say that some people must wear some pretty scratchy underpants.

Is it wrong to feel so very excited that Sam's Club now offers my favorite fabric softener in gallon containers for not much more in cost than the container a third of it's size that is offered in the grocery store? I'm in raptures!

I need new bras. The molded cups in my old bras are denting inwards even if I have enough boob to fill up the cup. The extra boob is just coming out of the side. Woohoo, I have extra boob to come out of the side!

If March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, does that mean I get to keep my wooly coat?

I love lamp.

I don't love Bernie Madoff.

I'm tiring of all the articles and press that being frugal is getting during these unfortunate times. This is stuff I've always done. This is stuff that I've had to do at some points in my life to be able to afford a gallon of milk. This is stuff most of the rest of the world has been doing. Starbucks will make it through. Rice and beans baby, rice and beans.

More Minutia: Tastes great...just as filling.


  1. Happy St Patricks Day Becky!

    They are closing the Sam's Club store near me. But i only went the one time when i had a free pass. I guess i wont miss it huh.

    Scarchy underwear, huh, lol. Mine arent scratchy.

    If u need to go braless than by all means fell free to do so, i do it all the time. However, we need pics.

    Watch that u dont give that dead fish the royal flush. I know a fish owner who did that and the toilet plugged up because the fish was too big.


  2. We are getting a new Super Walmart that should open this fall. I have wondered if they will open a Sams in the old location. It would be odd as there is a Costco less than a mile away, but maybe. I understand that they do not sell their buildings to anyone who might be a competitor and what other kind of business would want a building of that size?

    I am doing my best to help Starbucks stock prices recover. I buy a mocha almost every day. Right now they are less than 40% of what I paid for them in Aug, 2007. That is not very profitable (for me.)


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