Monday, March 23, 2009

On the 7th day we rested because there wasn't nothin' else to do.

From time to time it's important to sit back and quietly ponder life.

Usually we just think about piddly details or problems, like the penicillin growing on the dishes in the sink or if your pajama pants matches with your lipstick. You gotta hunker down and think past that from time to time.

Think about the hard stuff. Love, death, taxes. The purpose of life.

The electricity was out for five hours yesterday.

So quiet was forced upon Casa Absentminded, except for the three year old wailing for someone, anyone, to please for the love of GOD fix the TV! SPONGEBOB IS MY HEROIN!

We were all left alone with our thoughts without the aid of electronic sedation.

Not that there wasn't anything to do. My bookshelves are not chock full of wholesome material for looks. Just that the moment you want to let there be light, and attempt to turn on a reading lamp, your brain hiccups and then cannot process the written word at all. We were all rendered stupid by the realization that 75% of our lives were unavailable to us.

In that state, death and taxes make sense.

Even my fish are spoiled by electricity. They get even more stupid than they already are when the bubbler stops bubbling.

The power outage didn't bother the cat however. He slept through it.

And because the heat was also off and I was chilly, I took a cue from the cat and had a nap too.

When I woke, Spongebob had been resurrected. Praises be.


  1. Funny how some ppl cant get along without electricity for too long huh. At our house sometimes 4 different TVs are on for the 4 ppl that live there.

    The true solution to your PJ / lipstick problem is very simple. Just go without both. Then the colours will match, no problem. One thing though, if the heat does go out get extra blankets. If u do use my solution send pics :P

    You know, if u were at my house this weekend u would have heard a lot of complaining. I spent half the day, on saturday taking off a toilet tank from the bowl so that i could paint the wall behind the tank. The darn brass bolts holding the tank on refused to stay still while turning the nut, and the brass bolts were breaking. I bought new blots to replace the old ones so hopefully, when i have to paint again, in say 15 years, the tank will come off easier. I would definitely rather have been watching Spongebob even if the TV wasnt working.

    So Beckster, next painting job that i need done u can come and do it and i will go to your house and watch Spongebob!

    Erf (so not a plumber)

  2. My granddaughter is a Sponge-a-holic. I cut her off cold turkey two weeks ago, which has resulted in some rough moments. I couldn't find a 12-step program for her.


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