Thursday, March 12, 2009

On this episode of Soap...

Generalized male MILF fantasy #398 almost fulfilled this morning at my house.

Two buff furniture delivery-men showed up at my door the moment I was rinsing my hair in the shower. I answered the doorbell, dripping, haphazardly wrapped in a man's bathrobe, somewhat grateful I was wearing that instead of the flannel pajama bottoms and the overstretched T-shirt that I'd slept in.

And the only proposition they got was from my three year old, stripped down to the underwear he was wearing backwards in preparation of his own shower, to play Spiderman with him.

Now they can laugh about that all day.


  1. Oh sexy outfit!

    I wouldnt be offended if it was me at the door and u answered it just wearing the flannel pj bottoms :P

    What did they deliver? Did they make u help set it up?


  2. I bought a TV stand entertainment center type thing. We'd been budgeting for one but when I saw this piece marked down from 1000 to 200 bucks online, I told Justin I was buying it. It's a really nice piece of furniture that required no assembly.

    I also bought a mirror marked down from 200 to TEN BUCKS. I've been wanting a mirror for my family room and I'm beyond pleased.

    So, I saved 990 dollars. WOOT!


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