Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rabbit fur makes a lovely coat.

I do it every Easter.

(Not that "it". Actually...no comment...you people are nasty.)

I buy those damned plastic easter eggs thinking, oh, it won't be as bad this year. This year they'll stay nestled ever so artistically in their baskets instead of halved and strewn about my floor, waiting to be stepped on and broken into razor sharp shards.

My barefoot never-again-pregnant feet are fine. I've been conscientious about picking up egg halves.

However, there are still at least 8 plastic eggs in my house, hidden by my husband in an effort to engage our apathetic fifteen year old, which were never found, waiting to pounce on my feet and turn them into hamburger.

Hold me. I'm scared.


  1. Wow, an offer to hold u,,, i am on my way ;)

    Do you think the 15 year old has figured out that the easter bunny is mom and dad?


  2. Tell him there's cash in some of them.


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