Monday, April 13, 2009

Tuna Helper is better because you don't have to brown tuna.

Everyone these days is putting on their frugal hats. It's become fashionable for some and necessary for others.

My frugal hat has fruit on it. I get compliments.

In an effort to save money there has been return to home cookin' home...and not at Applebee's. Those who had no kitchen skills previously are learning how to concoct dishes that didn't come from nearly fully prepared out of a can or the freezer. Afterall, the staff at Applebee's doesn't let you back into the kitchen to make your own overboiled noodles the way you like them. Something about health codes. You didn't wash your hands after you used the restroom, did you?

Visiting the grocery store is becoming a mission rather than rendezvous. No longer are we filling our carts with impulse cases of Twinkies and Doritoes. We are looking for a bargain in nutritious commodities.

Like tuna. Cases upon cases of tuna. I bought a case of albacore just last week. Less than a dollar a can.

Tuna is nutritious because it's fish, which every talk show tells us will perk up our sludgy Twinkie bodies with lovely proteins and healthy oils, and it still comes in that familiar can. There isn't the unfamiliar shock of cooking and preparing fresh tuna. We remain aluminum encased comfortable.

Yet, it's not frugal if you buy the case of tuna and you don't open and eat the tuna.

I feel frugal buying albacore. There is more meat packed into the can compared to regular tuna, which packs the can with tuna juice instead, and the quality is better. But then I feel foolish buying albacore. I want to hoard it away because it's not just tuna...its special tuna. We can't use the special tuna for for just any ordinary, pedestrian sandwich, hold those nasty sweet pickles. We must make a celebration of special tuna because it's not ordinary tuna.

Which had me questioning if I should make tuna salad for lunch this weekend. Blink.

I have to repeat the mantra, "It's OK to open the special tuna and use it as sandwich filling. It ain't filet mignon."

Since when was there a celebration that featured canned tuna fish in the menu, even albacore? No one comes to the table on Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter and exclaims, "Yay, it's canned special tuna! You are the best Mom on the planet! I'm going to eat well of this tuna, feed this healthy protein to my brain, get straight A's, sail through college on millions of dollars in scholarships, and then win a Nobel Prize in a complicated subject by the age of 30!"

Besides, I know no one is going to give me a compliment if I wear a frugal tuna hat.


  1. AZ hiding in the weeds4/14/2009 2:48 AM

    I've been lurking for a few days, but bein' frugal is the new black in our house, so I had to comment. Significant other won't eat tuna anything, so I'm on the cheap with chicken. I can't get past the smell of any of the "Helper" varieties (smells like Gravey Train dog food to me), we've eaten so much chicken we're starting to bob of heads when we walk! :o)

  2. I guess the cat won't be gettin any of the special tuna, either . . . .

  3. The cat LOVES when I drain the special tuna water off into a dish for him.

    And then his meows smell fishy.

  4. AZ...I love cheeseburger hamburger helper. It's trashy home food.

    I haven't bought a box of tuna helper in a decade I don't think.


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