Thursday, April 23, 2009

Work that room...

Today is not my birthday.

So, no need to buy me any presents or anything. Your well wishes for today being a plain old Thursday is enough. Happy Thursday!

No need to buy Christopher Lowell any presents either. It's not his birthday. Neither of our birthdays happen until November 6th. Make a note of that on your PDA's because our shared birthday falls on a Friday this year. Happy Friday! Par-tay.

I cannot express just how giddy I am about the discovery that I share a birthday with Christopher Lowell. I have been watching this man use uplighting to enhance rooms for ten years, since I was in college. Par-tay.

You don't know what I'm talking about?

Well, uplighting is a light source that sits on the floor to cast light upward. "Placed behind furniture or under a tree, uplights produce fabulous effects and are the best tool for casting shadow. Here's a tip, remember, as much lighting should come from the floor as from the ceiling."

I've failed in supplying my floor with any lighting. It becomes a source of fire for my impulsive sons and confuses my dumb gay cat. Guilt is not warranted here.

Oh, you don't know who Christopher Lowell is...

Christopher Lowell is an interior designer well known for his educational TV programs and books. He tells every housewife that "You can do it!" and we believe him because he's so darn enthusiastic about it. He supplies free online demos to inspire creativity in all of us.

I'm gonna make a planter out of a chair. See if I don't!

Creativity is sexy. Planter chairs inspire romance. Makes your bum all flowery.

Oh Christopher Lowell, you seven layered bowhunk! Why am I so inexplicably drawn? Oh, that's right, you can effortlessly do things with a pair of tassels with stunning results.

Come November, I'm sending you a card.

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  1. So u like the bald ones huh Becky.

    Have u found the site:

    Check your mail.



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