Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cherish one another.

With all this rigmarole going on with the Gosselin's, that is Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Kate Plus 8, I'd like to throw my two cents into the huge TV family ring.

Two cents isn't coming out of my uterus mind you, it's coming from my heart.

And my posterior.

I'm not a fan of Jon and Kate plus 8. The show drives me up a wall. I don't find their life interesting, nor do I have much commiseration for their struggles with that many toddlers. The tolerance I have for the snipe and whine fest they put on TV only lasts for the time it takes you to get to the end of this sentence.

I say just put the kids on TV and leave the adults out of it. At least the kids know not what they do.

It's because I do not care what goes on in their marriage that I say that. I might care if they were kinder to one another. The sniping between them makes me uncomfortable. And though my two pennies are now lost with the others in this piggy bank, the Gosselin's being so closely followed by eejit media makes me angry.

Oh, they found unrest in their marriage? Reallllly? You don't say!

Duh. Leave 'em alone.

This reminds me of a news story some years back that predicted the success of a couple's marriage based on how often they rolled their eyes at one another. Just sayin'.

Let's compare their eyerolls to the pinnacle of large family TV, the Duggars. Think about this. Have you ever seen Ma and Pa Duggar roll their eyes at one another...or talk over one another...or share their disagreements with the world? Doesn't their kindness first mantra show when you look at their herd?

Some would say such a thing is unnatural between spouses, or in families, but I counter with why? Why is treating your spouse unkindly, even out of understandable frustration, seen as an OK or natural thing to do today? Why is stopping yourself, using discretion, being deliberate in your interactions seen as weird or sugary? That's real life don't you know...we aren't The Brady's don't you know.

Do you think the Duggar children have ever seen a Brady? I don't. They saw Kirk Cameron's "Fireproof" but Johnny Bravo isn't on their radar. Alan Thicke has an angular head. I'm going to watch his Canadian TV program, "jPod" on Hulu.

In closing, Mean People Suck. Being mean to your spouse, double the suck points. Being consistently mean to your spouse on national TV? Don't be surprised when the media finds something, real or imaginary, to expound upon that theme. They are only crashing the loud party you started.

I do hope for the best for the Gosselin's. Certainly I have no desire to be in their shoes, from their slippers to their platform boots. I hope they come to understand why it is that no one is actively looking for a misstep in Kirk Cameron's or Ma and Pa Duggar's marriage.


  1. Eight kids need both their parents. Kate needs to learn to SHHHHH and Jon needs to learn discretion. However the amount of money they're making isn't going to help this marriage: I think it's going to hinder it. Shame, too, because I think in the beginning it was all about the kids, and I do love me some Aaden!

  2. I've not watched the show (haven't watched the Duggars, either), so I can't comment on those couples.

    But my hubby and I have both noticed that couples in sitcoms, commercials, etc., are often rude...or downright cruel...to one another all for the sake a of a laugh. Think of "Everyone Loves Raymond". The show's a snark-fest.

    I would confidently say my husband and I are never intentionally unkind to one another. We rarely argue, and would never argue anything in public. We are careful with our teasing and banter, as well, because it can quickly (if unintentionally) turn into something ugly.

    We don't even discuss our Tarts and Bowhunks, because it just doesn't seem like a nice thing to do. LOL!

    My spouse (and family in general) is the most important person in my life. Why would I not treat him with love, respect and kindness at all times?

  3. I have never watched Jon and Kate plus 8. I have no interest in it either. I get too much of the home repair and homes for sale real estate shows. I dont need any more reality shows.

    I have never see jPod. I guess i am out of touch eh!


  4. I don't watch reality shows. I hear a lot of people talking about the whole Jon and Kate thing and I read posts about it, but I'm clueless.

    Does complaining about not getting enough sex from your hubby constitute spousal abuse?

    (Guilty as charged if it is...HAHAHA)


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