Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great Vengeance and Furious Anger

I've got to tell you all...these high fiber breakfasts of mine...they really get the job done. The hard hat is on, the safety glasses are on, we're ready to weld Flashdance.

So I head on into my master bathroom this morning, because If I'm going to weld it's going to be where the welding is comfortable, and I find my three year old son in my bedroom. He's cuddled with his blanky on my bed watching "Pulp Fiction" on my TV, enraptured.

There is no way you couldn't consider the whole scene as precious.


  1. As far as the fiber thing goes,,,, it happens!

    Whatever it is that u plan on welding for use in the bedroom,,,please take pics

    3 yr old watching pulp fiction,,, wow, didnt u warn him of the danger that might lead to in his informative years!


  2. Because nothing says 'good parenting' like taking a massive dump while your toddler is in the next room watching a hot chick take a six inch adrenaline shot to the heart.


  3. Admit it, John Travolta makes you moist too.


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