Friday, May 01, 2009

I get to ride the carpet shampooer.

I'm thrilling my kids this weekend with a family activity.

I'm so excited!


They can help. It's the least they can do since their everloving parents allowed them to put that giant plastic container of cheese doodles in the cart at Sam's Club. We don't just shop there for tasty free samples. Delicious jalapeno poppers...just one is enough to cause rectal burning.

The home appraiser is coming on Tuesday. Lowering our house payments is good. We finally found a company with a decent reputation willing to do this for us even though we have a regular old mortgage without a sliding interest rate. This will save us a bazillion dollars a month.

To which I will use to stimulate the economy by purchasing more processed cheese and jalapeno products. Call me kinky but the burn is good.

Now the pressure is on. Our house can't be upside down, either in worth or state of cleanliness. The smell of boy has to be annihilated. Especially the smell of fifteen year old boy. Any well meaning appraiser wouldn't even enter the house with that wall of stink greeting him.

So I have buckets...and rags...and a Mr. Clean smirk...and the kids haven't got a choice. Time to muck the barn.

We'll break out the cheese doodles again on Wednesday. Unless I have to use them as a real estate bribe.


  1. Have fun with the appraiser. Dont forget to tell him/her about the neighbours cat that likes hanging out in your yard. I am sure that will increase the value of your house.


  2. Or the neighbor child that's constantly here? She rang my doorbell during dinner yesterday. I told her we were eating. She still had her dinner all over her face and I asked her if she'd eaten. She said they had spaghetti. I said, "Oh really???"

  3. Pehaps that child and i are related :))



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