Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An open letter to Judge George Wu.

Judge Wu,

You were only right to ask for more time, until July, to consider the sentencing of convicted cyber bully Lori Drew, who harrassed a 13 year old child through Myspace by posing as a teenaged boy, ultimately suggesting that the world would be a better place without this child in it and subsequently this child hung herself.

You are making precedent, not just for cyberbullying, but any act of anonymous, harrassing, injurious, sexually abusive and fraudulent behavior on the internet. This is important.

Prosecutors are seeking the maximum penalty for her conviction, three years in jail and a $300,000 fine. The probation board recommends probation and a $5,000 fine. I wouldn't be writing this open letter if I was leaning toward the latter. I am asking you, as a mother, as a voice on the internet, as one person who refuses to be anonymous because if I have something to say I want my name and reputation to stand next to it, that you help Lori Drew understand what it is to behave like an adult.

I understand there are some sticky legalities. There is plenty here that shouldn't be or is ridiculous to consider as illegal, but considering her actions as a whole? What Lori Drew did was wrong. Plain wrong. The motivations behind Lori Drew's actions were malicious and evil. The consequences to her actions were horrendous. Every parent's nightmare is told in the story of Megan Meier.

There is a protection of innocence that rests with your discretion.

Frankly, I don't give a flip about a fine. It's the jail time that works for me. Bet it works for most who have been following this story since 2006. Not that Lori Drew hasn't had time to think about her actions these past three years but more thought, more confined thought, might do those of us who use the internet honestly, and who know how to act like adults, a great service.


Becky Lee Evans
The Absent Minded Housewife

Updated July 2, 2009, 4:58 pm mountain.

Needless to say, I'm disappointed about the wimpy ruling handed out today.

I've had quite a lot of traffic directed at my blog since the news story broke an hour and a half ago. Much of it is looking for information on how to contact Hon. George H. Wu. His United States District Court, Central District of California Schedules and Procedures page can be found HERE.

I will be watching where the legalities of this will go from here. Do your part. Contact your lawmakers and ask for the law to catch up with technology.

Afterall, if Lori Drew had asked Megan Meier for money instead of violating terms of service, this may have been more prosecutable.



  1. Great letter, i hope others feel the same way as u, especially judge Wu!

    I wasnt aware of Lori Drew and her activities. So i guess i learned something today, huh.


  2. I have followed the case from Day One: the most brutal case of bullying yet. Why? Because someone's MOTHER thought it necessary to step in and assist her child in harassing another. It brings bile to my throat. I can't say that she should feel the same pain as the mother who lost her child because that would make me the same as her. But she DOES need a wake-up call. She DOES need some sort of punishment that will shock her back into realizing that she has a responsibility to the rest of society if she wishes to live with us. She's not a teenager, she's an adult. There is no punishment harsh enough but it does need to make an impact, both on the the perpetrator, the victim's family, and on the rest of us, so that the public recognizes that this is NOT going to be tolerated. Please please please, don't give this woman a slap on the wrist. Don't make a mockery of this little girl's life.

  3. I don't link Drew will ever learn "her lesson". I think she is probably a sociopath or a narcissist. The world revolves around her and her child. No-one else is real. She has never express true regret publicly.

    I would prefer if she was locked up for life and her child placed were she can get intensive mental/emotional help in hopes of saving her.


  4. I must confess that I haven't as of yet read this or any of your posts BUT your profile & profile pic compelled me to write to you RIGHT AWAY! You are hysterical and I look forward to poking around your blog!

    I found you in the comments on Tammie's blog!!


  5. Came by from Mental Poo...

    I have to say, I'd like to stand up and applaud this post.

    So very well put.

  6. Thank you for saying this. No one deserves to have their child emotionally battered into suicide, and Hon. George Wu doesn't appear to appreciate that. It's not about Myspace.com deciding what is a crime or not - it's about justice for a child who ended her life in agony. I hope George Wu doesn't have children - they would be miserable under his guidance and parentage.

  7. This was a good letter. I bet Mr. Wu has no children and if he does, he doesn't understand the pain of losing a child so soon. With his ruling and the shaky logic behind it, he has essentially said it's ok for parents to act immature and bully children, which can lead to very severe consequences not only suicide but child abuse. I agree with the above posts that Ms. Drew might never learn her lesson even if she was sentenced to jail, but I do believe she will be judged eventually by a "higher power" and meet her fate, getting the punishment she deserves.


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