Friday, May 15, 2009

They don't make enough tissues for this.

Say you've had the flu.

And say you've been staggering along, suffering from this flu for over a week.

And say that one of your kids also has flu and so does the husband.

And say that you are all hacking, coughing and miserably waiting for your scenes in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers III: Mentholatum Screams".

Never ever ever try to write a funny post about it and try to include a photo to illustrate your points using the image search "phlegm".


Not one of my brighter moments.


  1. That can't be as bad as doing an image search for uterine or rectal prolapse. Or chancres.

    Oh. Wait. Never mind. I just looked at the first page of "phlegm" images and involuntarily shouted a horrified "Oh!" twice. Now I'm jaded, though. Scrolling down to bloody early morning phlegm? Nary a shout.

  2. Take care, get better and dont share your germs. I cant see anything funny about being sick.

    Although there was this one time when my wife thought she had morning sickness but it terms out she had the flu. How did she find out u ask,, well i woke up with the flu on christmas morning,, thanks to her. Oh well now thats something to laugh about!


  3. Do you have the Hiney? That's how we refer to it here .... the Hiney ... don't sneeze on me!

    Get well soon. Hopefully you're over the worst of it already. (careful, detached hugs)


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