Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Before my comp self destructs in 30 seconds.

700th post.

Comp went boom. Comp no worky.

New comp arrives tomorrow.

I need internets.


  1. NOOOOOO!!!!!

    I NEED you to have internet too!

    Thank god new comps arrive soon.

  2. Have fun getting the new computer up and running. My antique like computer at home sounds like its going to explode when u turn it on so its days are numbered too.

    If u need geek advise dont ask me.

    Erf (the ungeek)

  3. Send me your old computer ... I'm sure Steven will find use for parts :D .

    However, get back online fast! And ... 33% on my quiz? Have you met me???

  4. I've done horribly on all my friend's quizzes which makes me wonder how much I pay attention!!

    This is still old comp. Something is wrong with the power supply and makes the comp go to sleep without being able to wake it up anywhere from 20 seconds from turning it on to 10 minutes. It runs longer in safe mode...less power...HUGE SCREEN.

    So, instead of fiddling with the power supply we decided it was time for a new comp.


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