Friday, June 05, 2009


When one's computer is malfunctioning naturally the internet spoon fed brain has thoughts that are completely foreign to it's normal patterns.

For instance, during a brighter moment in my day last week, I suggested to my rotund husband that "we should take up tennis!"

For clarification, I asked Justin to supply a descriptive for his body type. He also offered fat, chubby and portly while gnawing away at a McDonald's breakfast burrito. I'm eating oatmeal and considering tackling him for a bite.

He declined. Tennis that is.

To soothe Justin when it came the suggestion of sport I allowed that he could probably kick my ass. It's the truth. That man may describe himself as rotund but he's also fast and coordinated. I am not coordinated. I am spastic. My long limbs dart out in strange stringy positions, sort of jellyfish like. Out of all the sports that I have embarrassed myself trying to play, racquet sports are those which I find myself most successful at. Give me a racquet and a birdie and I can whip that sucker right past your ear while you stand in amazement at my moves.

Give me a bat and a baseball and I can succeed in swinging myself around and landing on my face.

When Justin didn't respond to my entreaty I reiterated the idea with, "Wouldn't it feel good to kick my ass?"

"No." he says.

"Why not?"

"Because I'd be playing tennis."


Online poker is working again. Justin will play that...and I'll whip birdies past his ears when he folds.


  1. Call him a chicken and do a bird dance as you flap in front of his computer.

  2. Some ppl think poker is a sport but i dont. Take the kids and play tennis.


  3. Check out pickle ball. It doesn't sound like as much work as tennis but is pretty popular at RV parks. I don't know how to play but have friends who love the game.


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