Monday, June 15, 2009

We were not the ones that broke the safety rail in the was already coming loose from the wall.

So, did I survive a 14th and top floor room in one tower of Caesar's Palace, featuring a huge marble shower in the bathroom with two huge shower heads, which looked out to a view of Marie Osmond's teeth and the Eiffel Tower, that a grant to Elko County School District kindly paid for?

Why yes, yes I did.

How much would you pay to get the room behind Marie Osmond's teeth? Wonder if it has a good shower.

While Justin was attending a teacher's conference for at risk students, I was out and about in the city, doing exactly whatever I felt like doing, making my feet sore. Developing a bunion was worth it because I also had a view of these:



Yes...YES YES!!

...and at this point I fell onto the floor and convulsed in a fit of ecstasy. I obviously was not the first to have done so because the museum guides went right on with their tour lectures oblivious.

In addition to my ride on a free shuttle to the Liberace Museum and a mile and a half walk to consume a greasy 2 buck foot long hot dog, I also did some Liberace viewing at Madame Tussuad's museum of creepy wax figures at The Venetian. This is the only sculpture that mattered.

I am a gay man born in a woman's body.

Not to outdo the thrill of sequins I also got a good looky-loo at this bit of wonderment:

Tall McBalderson here decided to push his way in front of me for a better view of the volcano show in front of The Mirage. Also being a tall sort of person, I had a good view over the three deep row of people in front of me because they were short. No big deal to let them be closer. Baldy had no such inclinations. Therefore, he gets his hair loss featured on my blog.

To round out my views, I got plenty of exposure to women displaying their boob jobs on the strip...and no, these weren't the women featured on those little business cards which are offered to you on the sidewalks. I felt like a Sin City underachiever.

Lastly, I listened to a conversation in Planet Hollywood between a younger couple, the next chaise lounge chair over from where I was resting my grumpy feet and probably snoring off and on, who were expounding on the notion that families with more than two children are using up the planet's resources.

What a retarded discussion to have in Vegas.


  1. You should have shot Baldy McBalderson's face. Coolio trip.

  2. I may have farted in his general direction...

  3. We didnt hear about the breakfast meats and the bunny slippers. I am so disappointed!


  4. I hope that young couple doesn't breed.

  5. gr8 costumes !!@

    -bluffmaster !


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