Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthdays only come once a year.

Today is my husband's 40th birthday.

Justin doesn't want to do much to mark this occasion. It's an absolute no to coffin themed parties or a last frat boy style trip to the tee-tee bar. That means I've had to cancel the clown and pony show. I'm a little disappointed, but hey, it ain't my birthday.

When I went to Google image search "turning 40" I noticed that many images were of folks who had gotten their first tattoo to commemorate the beginning of their lives. What a unique idea? Get one on your lower back. It'll be hot.

So, Justin, happy birthday. If you would like me to hold your hand while you go under the needle I'm willing. Let me suggest a few tattoos to sport well into your old age.

There is no one living on this planet who doesn't love the magical glittery quality of unicorns. Happy 40th!

When you've been on the planet forty years, having good friends becomes a blessing. Happy 40th!

Hewwo! I'm 40!

It's never too late to have a schoolgirl crush. Happy 40th!

There is nothing wrong with displaying a profound statement about how you live your life right on your forehead. Now, I'm not suggesting to Justin that "Git-R-Dun" or "Psycho" should be it, but the idea of more fitting phrase is worth considering. How about "I like cheese!" or "I teach for the money!" Happy 40th!

Finally, you could fulfill one of MY fantasies for your 40th birthday. You'd get "presents" back in spades...

I love you Justin. Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to Justin. :)

    I keep going back to the unicorn/pegasus tattoo. The pink one is smoking a joint isn't she? I wonder what my co-workers think about me looking at humping crayola colored magic horses at work and debating on their drug use.

    I'm following you now by the way.

  2. He could get a tattoo of Drew Carey on his penis. I'm certain it would serve not only to entertain him, but you as well...

  3. I bet Psycho's mom has been yelling at him to get a job ever since he dropped out of school. He figured if he got "Phycho" put on his forehead nobody would hire him. I think he's on to something!


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