Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dammit, if you touch that hose again I'm going to eat one of you!

As usual, summer vacation has me off kilter.

Have you noticed? No? Aww you're sweet for telling me the stories I want to hear.

In between "Yes you did! No I didn't!" and "Don't eat that hairy banana you rubbed on the cat!" and "Don't spray inside your open window with the hose!" and "Don't even TOUCH the hose!" and "Quit eating sugar right out of the canister!"'s taken me two hours to write this post.

Now that I'm done having children, and that my youngest child will be in kindergarten sooner than later, the purpose of my life is going to shift. This thing which I have been doing for the last 13 years will develop a gaping kid free hole in it's middle.

Which I can fill with just about anything I guess. The possibilities have me excited.

Conversely, the possibilities also have me as blocked up as government cheese. The idea is just so BIG.

Tell me more stories.

For all that is good and holy, tell me stories without the phrase, "Can I play Playstation?" in them.


  1. Is it full-day Kindergarten ?

  2. Stories huh,,, want to come and help pick out colours for a bathroom we are remodelling? The last 4 months it seems thats all that i have been "allowed" to do, drive the wife around looking at tiles, cabinets, tubs, faucets and toilets. We went to one tile store in the city, about 15 miles away, and it was closed the first 3times we went. I made "She who must be obeyed without ridicule or comment," call to make sure they were open before we headed out for the 4th try. Once the remodelling is done i dont think i will let anyone use the bathroom, just look at it. That way it wouldnt have to be remodelled again. Otherwise, we might have to look for bathroom stuff, again!!!

    My youngest is moving home in 10 days cuz he is finished school and will hopefully find a job sooner than later. So i figure that i will be moving out in about 10 1/2 days cuz the kid drives me around the bend. Do u want me to send him to your place? He can hose your kids done, not let them even hold the hose let alone spray water through your screens. He really likes kids. In fact he is just a big kid :)


  3. Go back to school at your local community college and take classes that you WANT to take, not necessarily those that lead to a degree in something. Get involved with some local theater groups where you can show others how well you can do with costume design. Take your camera out and have fun taking photos of things other than opossums. At least you got these before they met the car that they all seem to eventually meet up with. (Ignore that poor use of English and don't show it to Justin.) Of course you can always go back to bed after they are all off to school and just read. But I'll bet there will still be dishes to do, clothes to wash, beds to make, etc.

  4. There is no local college or theatre group. (120 miles away.) I live that rural.

    Besides, and not that it's a fine suggestion, but I've done community theatre before and it's been my experience that they want free miracles. I've had some good productions but mostly I've had frustrating experiences. No, I'm not making a 1000 dollar costume for your show and carry the expense! Ain't gunna happen.


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