Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My rocks are shinier than your rocks.

For the next few days my family will attempt to engage in quality bonding type fun.

Have you folks watching the treasure hunting shows on The Travel Channel? We caught the bug last year. WE'VE GOTS TO GO OPAL MINING!

This requires a couple days of rolling around in the dust, listening to wild burros bray at 2 second intervals every hour of the day, and sleeping in a tent with boys who have yet to discover how nifty foot powder really can be.

I'm leaving my makeup and my designer clothing at home. Wearing Jimmy Choo heels in the middle of nowhere is so gauche. I might get donkey poo on them.

Choo poo...heh, that rhymes.

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  1. Good luck. I remember your opal hunting trip from last year. As I recall, you probably brought back more sand & dust than opals, but it was a fun trip.


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