Monday, July 27, 2009

Pluck You

I am in a state of panic.

Excuse me while I take a break to scream a little bit and maybe moan some. However will I go on?

Oh be my psychic friends and...


As I sit I can feel my whiskers weedling themselves out of my chin, growing in the direction of the sun coming through my sliding glass door.

And even before I'm done sipping my coffee and writing this post I'm gonna get all Khomeini.

So, please, for the love of all things buttery smooth and feminine, give me a clue to where my tweezers are. Consult your 8 balls and your fortune cookies. Use your MSG powers. I'm pleading. I'm begging. I'm moaning! I NEED MY TWEEZERS!

Or this'll happen by dinnertime. I just know it.


  1. If they were up your ass you would know it!

  2. I believe that you are well past the state that tweezers would be of any benefit, based on the pics that u posted.

    Perhaps its time to think about waxing. Maybe u can check this site out

    However it turns out, i cant wait for the complete photo album showing the before and after pics ;)


  3. Hmmmmm . . .I have four pair. In my desk, in the medicine cabinet, on the nightstand, in the first aid kit. Have any of your boys been building things lately ? Has your cat suddenly disappeared ?

  4. I guess tweezers are just something that you will have to keep multiple pairs of around. Maybe that way you can find one when it is needed. I just shave every day and don't have to worry about that. Disposable razors are cheap and you can even use common soap. Maybe you could even borrow Justins but don't tell him.

  5. What?
    All that hair and NO UNIBROW?


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