Monday, August 17, 2009

Drill Instructed

Things have been HOT 'round 'bout Casa Absentminded.

Sexy like.

All erotically charged.

I'm not complaining. How could I? My legs are made from red jello (not that weird green or yellow jello) and I have a hickey that looks like Richard Nixon on my sternum. Things are fah-hine.

What's changed from our usual mode of marital maintenance? It's a valid...wait...responsible question you ask there friend. Maybe you can implement our muse into your own relationships. Couldn't hurt anyway.

R. Lee Ermey has my husband's motor revving.

And the testosterone a'pumpin'.

R. Lee Ermey insists that you are a maggot whilst shooting guns and straddling tanks on TV and if you've been glued to the khaki of it for an hour you're ready to bronco bust your wife.

Hey, my husband does not watch NFL, NBA or Nascar. He's due.

It wouldn't be so off to admit that R. Lee has a certain authoritative quality that makes me squirm in a happy way. Drop and give him twenty? Yes sir. YES SIR. I'll count 'em off.

Oh R. Lee Ermey, you uniformed bowhunk! Why am I so inexplicably drawn? Oh that's right, it's because not only are you a spokesperson for Glocks but you've lent your personae in the cause of selling Tupperware.

Excuse me, I'm going to go burp my lid.


  1. LOL. I just read bunches of your blog and must say... YOU are funny. I will have to add you when I get home. I had to use a proxy just to get to ya here at work. BLAH. Take care and thanks for the link!!!

  2. Why thank you Mr. McKnob.

    My blog also gets blocked from my husband's work. He's a high school teacher. I'm porny you see. AND they've blocked even the most obscure proxies.

  3. Just so you know? I have NO freakin' idea what you just said. Just sayin'. However, I have a dandy new grooming table. It holds stuff. WOO.


  4. That just cracked me up. Where have you been? I need to put you on the kewl kids list so I don't lose you again.

  5. I've been behind...oh so behind.

  6. I think I have the answer as to why u think R. Lee Ermey is a bowhunk. You know why? Because maybe he is related to Drew Carey. Or possibly its because he and Drew both served in the Marines.

    So thats it eh, u go for the Marine look!

    Can u make me a Marine uniform ;)


  7. Hey, congrats! My Wife and I have discovered a bit of a sexy time renaissance ourselves, and I have no explanation for it whatsoever...none! But I'm not complaining...hahaha!


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