Friday, August 07, 2009

Driving in my bathrobe.

It's time again that I peel myself off my computer, cram my kids in the car, and drive a few hundred miles to visit family.

For once I'm sitting here and not packing everyone's clothing. They are packing their clothing. I'm trying to jump start my body with caffiene and Facebook. I'll get up eventually. Someone has to remember to pack the toothbrushes and the hormone pills.

Then someone will have to remind one of my children to refill the catbox because when you have children catbox duty becomes their job. It's family law. Ya don't give birth and then spend your time emptying your own trash cans and weeding your own flower beds.

Then someone else will have to make sure the cat isn't snuggled up near some moving component required to make the fabulous mini-van move from point A to point B. Then the child that had catbox duty would whine about the needlessness of the chore.

After that someone has to secure things and lock things and close things and open other things. Leave some things on and other things have to be tripled checked so that they remain off. Toilets have to be know how often boys remember to flush...then someone has to check that they're flushed again after one boy remembers he has to go moments after you've pulled out of your garage.

And someone has to remember to put a tube of sunscreen in the passenger side door of the van because driving long distances in the afternoon is sure to result in sunburn on one half of the body.

Not to mention that someone has to write down the address to that swanky joint you all salivated over when it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. There is corned beef hash to be had.

Sigh, this is excellent coffee.

Screw it, my family doesn't need toothbrushes.


  1. Have fun! Don't leave any kids behind. When my son was about 6 he got left at a gas pump when we were on vaction. I was just moving the car to park it so that we could all go inside and have a donut but he didnt realize that we werent leaving and i didnt realize he was out of the car. He screamed so loud that the entire county stopped. You should have seen the pout on his face. To this day we still talk about that face he made!

    Do u take the cat in the van with u? Ours stays home for about 3 days on his own and doesnt get too wrangy.


  2. Did you really go to a DD&D? Which one? Ohhh, I always want to go to one, but they always seem to be somewhere on the eastern side of the country, or the southern part of the country ... so I can't. Where'd ya get to???

  3. For the record, my cat is totally gay too...I'm talking Harvey Fierstein gay...


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