Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's OK, you don't have to hold my hair.

Today is my husband's and my 16th anniversary.

Is that grammatically correct? It doesn't sound right. In my anniversary gift reading a manual of style was never mentioned as a proper anniversary present.

However, travelling to Mexico was mentioned as a suitable romantic trip for the 16th year.

Those people have no idea what too much spicy food does to my digestion. I already ruined my honeymoon with obnoxious smells with an automatic play sound file. I've been in this thing too long to not have learned a thing or two about my body along the way.

I love you Justin.


  1. According to my word software you sentence is grammatically correct.

    Congrats to u and Justin.

    I have a question though,,, do your towels say BJ ;)

    My anniversary is tomorrow. So yours stands as a reminder for me to not forget my anniversary, lol


  2. Happy anniversary! Your story about the Super 9 Motel made me feel like vomiting myself. Then I was intrigued by the promise of weight loss. Then I came to my senses and felt like vomiting again.

    Please promise me, no Italian food for you tonight.

  3. I love you too, Justin.

    Oh, and you too, Becky!

    Many more.

  4. Congratulations! My 9th was on the 26th.

    You comment on Tammie's site cracked me up to no end. All I can say is *WOOT Numba Six* and where are those classy butt stretch mark copies?

  5. You married when you were 3?


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