Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mamacita Peluda

I only took my kids to Pizza Hut last night so my husband could conduct a phone call without his phone friend having to endure background shouting, screaming, whining or fart noises made in one's armpits.

My kids thought I took them to Pizza Hut to stick quarters in machines that dispense cheap toys and stale gumballs while they shouted, screamed, whined and made fart noises in their armpits.

Unfortunately their dreams of turning the handle and getting the giant sticky hand inside that plastic egg instead of the inferior miniature sticky hand were dashed. My youngest son pulled a dainty and lead deadly necklace out his egg, which is now leaving a green line around my neck. My middle son put his quarter in a fake tattoo dispenser and got this*:


Since I am a girl of some sort I was given this prize. Mom law says I have to proudly display it somewhere on my person.

The somewhere is up for debate. Can you say tramp stamp? Say tramp stamp! Say tramp stamp!

My boys giggled and suggested I display such fine temporary ink on my posterior. It's not a bad location. Swiper, no swiping! Swiper no Swiping! Swiper NO swiping!

It was also suggested that I put Dora on my butt and not tell my husband. Surprise, it's Dora the Explorer!

...but where is her little friend Boots?

Better get The Map.


  1. Your husband can put a tattoo of Diego on his wiggly and go look for Dora.

    Go, Diego! Go!

  2. I thought you were calling me!

    Dora en la colita peluda, si si!

  3. ha ha ha.
    that is a god awful tattoo.

  4. Wouldnt ppl get a real laugh if a grown woman had an actual Dora the Explorer tat. Maybe they would think thats its time to spend more time with the grown-ups!

    Sounds to me like your sons have your sense of humour.


  5. That is hot! I want one lol.


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